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Scratches and swirls in your paint are inevitable. Miles and miles of driving back and forth to and from work, taking the kids out, and washing your car will call take its toll on your car’s clear coat. Dirt will stick to your cars paint, and then act like sandpaper when something touches your car’s paint. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your cars paint stays in better shape longer. The good news is, if your car has swirls and ¬†scratches after years of use, you can always get it paint corrected and protected to restore the paints original gloss. You can implement several processes in your car detail to help protect and reduce swirls and scratches.

touchless wash

Avoid Automatic Car Washes That Aren’t Touchless.

Car washes that aren’t touchless use a series of brushes that spin and come in contact with your car’s paint. Very rarely do car washes clean these brushes, and over time they can hold a lot of sediment. This sediment rests in the fibers of the brushes, and will cause scratches in your car’s paint. Many people will even use these car washes to wash their trucks after going mudding. Imagine all of the dirt and sediment that gets trapped in the brushes after several trucks go through.

Luckily, people are now more aware of the issue of non-touchless car washes and a lot of car washes have been converted to touchless. Unlike traditional car washes, touchless car washes use a series of high powered sprayers that rotate around your car. In a touchless car wash water pressure and soap is used to remove dirt on your car, rather than brushes.

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Use Multiple Buckets When You Wash Your Car

When you use a single bucket to wash your car, you are not removing the dirt from the wash mitt properly. You should use the first bucket to get a majority of the sediment and dirt off of the sponge. Once you have thoroughly removed the dirt from the wash mitt, dip the mitt into a second bucket to rinse it off and remove any sediment that may still remain. Another thing you can use in your bucket is a grit guard insert. A grit guard can sits in the bottom of the bucket, and will better trap and hold the dirt in the bucket.

When choosing what soap to use, don’t go with a dish detergent. Dish detergents will strip away all of the wax and protectants from your car’s clear coat, resulting in more friction during the wash process. A huge mistake a lot of people make when washing their car is to use the same mitt to wash both the wheels and the paint. You should always wash the paint first, and the wheels second, using different mitts for the wheels and the paint. This will keep contaminates created by your cars brake pads from getting on the surface of your cars paint.

Using the proper towels to dry the car

For drying, softer is better. Try to find towels that are higher quality, softer, and that have more material to absorb the water. A towel with more surface area means less trapped contaminates rubbing on your paint. Just like during the wash stage, you should use two separate towels for the wheels and the paint. When drying the car, don’t just wipe down the paint. Go over the exterior of the car in a blotting manner. Wiping will drag the contaminates on your paint across the surface, while blotting and patting the paint down with the towel will just absorb the moisture. Depending on your access to an air compressor, it may even be a good idea to dry the car with a leaf blower or air compressor with a proper attachment. This is a great option for drying because you don’t have to touch the paint at all.

Anything Else I Can Do to Protect My Paint?

Keeping your car scratch free is a constant battle, and you will still get some swirls in your paint if you use your car on a regular basis. If you implement these steps in your wash process, you will find that your paint stays swirl and scratch free for much longer. A preventative step you can take after a wash is to give your car a good wax. The wax will protect your paint, and keep swirls from reaching the clear coat. Give us a call to learn more about some protection options for your paint. You can have your car protected today, and ensure the longevity of your cars paint.