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Almost everyone knows that you should wash your car occasionally to remove all of the built up contaminates. However, most people don’t take the time to protect their ride after it is all clean. Waxing is a necessary step to correctly detail and protect your vehicle. It is also much cheaper than paying to have a vehicle ceramic coated, and has the potential to be more glossy than any other protectant. With added benefits such as increased shine, easier washing, and protection from pain chips, there is no reason to not wax your vehicle the next time you wash it. Here are some reasons why you should be waxing your car every couple of months.

1. Protection from Surface Scratches and Paint Chips

No matter how careful you are with your car, surface scratches and rock chips are pretty much unavoidable. Because of this, it is important to make sure you have a front line of defense to protect your paint. Waxing is a great option to prevent surface imperfections from building up on your paint. Driving on the highway can take its toll. Cars moving at high speeds kick up little pebbles and rocks which turn into projectiles and damage the paint on your car.

Applying wax will reduce the surface friction between objects and your cars paint, preventing more damage from being done. Waxing hardens to the surface of your paint, adding a thin layer of protection to absorb the damage from debris that comes in contact with the paint. Other items like keys, jackets, and watches can also scratch the surface of your paint. While wax may not completely prevent the scratches, it can significantly reduce the damage done.

2. Filling in the Scratches

Wax will certainly not remove the scratches that are already in your paint from your car. It will however fill and seal the scratches so that they don’t get worse, and are less obvious. Think of wax as a protective makeup that can not only protect your paint but improve the looks of it as well. If waxing is not enough to hide the scratches, your car may need a restorative paint correction to enhance the paint again and bring it back to life.

Shiny Car

3. Whats the Point of Washing if There is No Shine?

Everyone wants their car to gleam in the sun after a good wash. A lot of people are upset with the results they get when they wash their car and the clear coat doesnt “pop” like it did when they bought it. One clear way to make your paint “pop” again is to give it a good wax treatment. Wax can give the paint a glossy appearance, and make it appear new again. A good quality carnauba wax will give the paint more clarity and shine. It is important to pick a high quality Carnauba wax when waxing your car to get the best results out of your detail.

4. Less Work Means More Free Time

A great benefit of waxing your car periodically is that your car is easier to clean. Ever have to scrub for what seems like an eternity on one spot just to get half decent results? Waxing makes the cleaning process much easier during decontamination. Bugs, dirt, and other road contaminates come off much easier if a layer of wax has sealed the car. Road contaminates stick much better to raw paint than they do to wax. Taking the time to wax your car can save you time the next time you go to detail your car.

Waxing is a great option if you don’t have the money to go with a Ceramic Coating. Even then, some people like to apply a wax on top of the ceramic coating to give it a better shine. It is not only a great way to protect the paint on your vehicle and keep up the condition of your car, but also makes it easy to wash each time you clean your car. Ask an expert at Reliable Auto Detailing today about the best products to use on your vehicle.