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Auto Detailing Add-Ons

Our detailing packages include the barebones necessities, but there are some additional add-on options your car may want to consider. From headlight restoration, to clay-bar treatment we offer a variety of add-on options. First, select the package that best suits your needs, then choose which add-ons you wish to include.

Enhanced Detail

Our Enhanced Detail Package is simply an add on to our most popular Full Detail Package. This package includes everything that’s included in the Full Detail, but adds on a Full Clay Bar Treatment and Paint Sealant Process to your vehicles finish. The clay bar removes all built up grime and dirt that’s trapped in your paint/clearcoat and create a smooth surface to apply Paint Sealant. This gives the Sealant more ability to bond to your clear coat and gives 12-14 months of protection.

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The Enhanced Detail Add On gets you everything included in our Full Detail Package and:

  • Full Clay Bar Treatment on you vehicle Clear Coat
  • Paint Sealant Application instead of Wax. (over a year of protection on vehicles clear coat)

Our Full Detail Package includes the following:


  • Complete Exterior Hand Wash and removal of Bugs and Tar
  • Machine Buff and Wax application to enhance gloss and provide clear coat protection
  • Detail and shine wheel wells
  • Clean, Condition, and Protect Plastic and Rubber trim.
  • Detail Logos & Trim to Remove Excess Wax Residue and dirt buildup
  • Detail Tires and Rims to perfection
  • Apply splash free Tire Shine for ultimate protection and gloss
  • Streak Free Clean Windows and Mirrors


  • Vacuum interior thoroughly.
  • Shampoo all carpets, floor mats (cloth seats) and all other cloth surfaces.
  • Clean and detail interiors above Headliner
  • Clean Treat and Condition all Leather Seats
  • Pay special attention to all cracks, crevices, air vents and steering wheel.
  • Detail all Interior Surfaces including cup holders, center console, steering wheel, small storage areas and air vents.
  • UV Protectant to Dashboard, door panels, and all other vinyl surfaces
  • Add Fragrance (by request only)
Claybar Treatment Virginia Beach

Claybar Treatment

The Claybar adheres to and easily removes microscopic debris, such as industrial fallout, rail dust, overspray, and brake dust, which feel rough, dull paint, and create rust spots within the painted surfaces. This rust is difficult to remove and often deteriorates the clearcoat over time. Clay bars are used with a lubricant, which is essential to the performance and safety of clay bars. Lubricant provides the necessary slick surface for best results. A paint job that has been clayed will feel remarkably smooth, with the silky shine that comes from a perfect polish.

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Clay bars were developed in Japan in the late 1980s to remove overspray and minor flaws from vehicles at body shops. Claybars also easily removes tar, sap, and grime. Formerly reserved for professional detailers, car dealers, and other car care specialists, auto detailing with clay bars has begun to make its way into the garages of auto collectors as well thanks to the fantastic and lasting results.

Claybar Treatment Virginia Beach

Headlight Restoration

It’s okay. You’re one of the one’s who has an excuse. You’re about to find out right now that you could be ticketed and towed because your headlights are so dusty and dirty that your nighttime driving visibility is significantly reduced.

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Welp. That’s the end of excuse-making.

Introducing our Headlight Restoration Services. And the Five (5)-Year Guarantee that accompanies them.

Did you know?? Oxidized and cloudy headlights are extremely dangerous and damper the brightness of your headlights by up to 80{5cdd573704f2ccf5ad1cf60c91ed72e58c634393bb3c5671239008886a274812}.  Our headlight restoration services can save you hundreds of dollars from replacing your headlights and tail lights.

Headlight Restoration

Engine Detailing

The safety of your vehicle is your responsibility. Keeping your engine free of built-up oil is a matter of prevention, leaks, spills, and especially fires are costs we’d all rather not accumulate. Keeping your engine looking good ups your resale value. So our trained staff of professional detailers detail your engine compartment today. We also offer this service for local dealers, and dealerships.

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A great value detail package, it also includes:

  • Engine Compartment Detail
  • Basic vehicle wash
  • Exterior windows wash and wipe down
  • Basic rims, tires, wheel wells treatment
  • Tires dressed
Engine Detailing

Hard Water Spot Removal

It happens to everyone. You come out to you car in the morning to find the sprinklers have peppered the car with water. Water spots are every where! Most of the time we simply drive off and the water spots are forgotten. It is when the car is left in the sun all day that the damage occurs. The sprinkler water contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium and other minerals that when left to dry in the sun it leaves mineral deposits we call Hard Water Spots.

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We specialize in the removal of Hard Water Stains, and Well Water on your vehicles exterior. We have over 9 years experience and take every precaution to remove deposits from your vehicles exterior finish safely. After removing deposits we recommend a complete Exterior detail. Check out some of our detailing services below…..Call for more details

Hard Water Spot Removal